Monday, November 22, 2010

Art Journal Pages!

Yeah! I got my pictures to upload!

The first one was from the prompt "actualize". It was on the same day I found out I would be teaching art classes. How appropriate! The dragonflies are rub-ons that my mom found at Michael's.

The next entry is using the prompt "sumptuous".  I just made a fun list of things that I found sumptuous! Fun! And I just realized I spelled it wrong...oh well!
 This last journal page is just a fun one, kind of bragging about my kids. I was just so proud of how they did what needed to be done and are saving money for their new bikes this spring!

Thank you for looking and have an amazing day!

1 comment:

  1. wonderful pages! funny, when i am working in my art journal i never can spell!

    these are the bits of your life - the details, the stories - you will want to remember. i need to keep this in mind ... sometimes technique can take over (it IS fun!) but in the end, my pages are for me, for celebrating my life and i need to put those words in there :)

    congrats on your teaching job! it is amazing how putting our dreams and wishes out there really does work. i am laughing because i have on my list "knit a sweater for Cowgirl" as i haven't made her one in years. today is cold and she needed a sweater and ... she has none! she says, as if it were the easiest thing, "mommy, knit me a sweater please!" i have a pattern in hand ...

    xo lis