Thursday, December 16, 2010

#reverb10 Friends

Today's prompt:
Author: Martha Mihalick
Editor at Harper Collins

Friendship. How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

This is a hard one to write for me.  The person for me is a man I dated this year. 

We met online (I know, I know!) and emailed throughout the summer.  He's an artist and we would send pictures of our work back and forth along with some flirting.  I took the summer off from dating so it was fun but I didn't think it would go anywhere.  His emails were very supportive of my art which, for me, was the first time a semi-impartial party had commented either way! It felt great.  He encouraged me to post more of it online and to enter it into shows and to magazines.  He encouraged me to dream and grow as an artist. 

After school started and summer was 'over', I decided I was ready to meet him in person.  He was great!! Kind and caring.  We ended up dating for an amazing 2 1/2 months.  Short, I know, but wonderful.  Life changing.  He was nothing but great.  Sadly, his life changed drastically and we broke up.  I will always remember him as a HUGE influence in this year and in my life.  As one of the greatest influences in my artistic life.

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