Monday, October 18, 2010

Art and Soul

Wow! What an amzing experience! I had several people tell me "You need to go to Art and Soul" which I took as a sign.  I signed up for 3 classes and I was awed by all of them.

The first two pictures are from my 2nd class that I took on Sunday. 

Here I am with Alma de Melena Cox who I orignally met in my little town. This was my 3rd class from her and the most inclusive.  She has a technique called "Telemadera Fusion" that she uses in her art and teaches to others.  It involves woodburning, paint and fabric which is then varnished to give the finished piece amazing depth and contrast. In her classes, she offers her original drawings to be used as a template in which your piece is based off of.  I chose to use one of them in this piece.

(Alma is on the left I'm on the right)

Here is the finished picture after 7(!) coats of varnish!

The first class that I took was "Repurposeful Stamping and Printing" with Traci Bunkers.  She takes found and household objects and turns them into stamps!! Amazing!  Then, after playing and stamping and stenciling a good chunk of the day, we made our own book out of the papers and 5x7 canvases.  So cool! I'd been interested in bookmaking so this was like a 2 in 1 class for me.

(the cover of my book)

(the inside front cover)

(my favorite page)

The last class that I took was on how to use your Sizzix for embossing everything! I don't have any pictures of this one unfortunately! I did learn how to use alcohol inks, emboss metal sheets, and emboss cards and envelope flaps to make some pretty cool customized stationery.  I also plan on using these techniques in my upcoming mixed media pieces!

Have a beautiful day!

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