Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 Simple Goals

Back in August, I posted my 4 simple goals to accomplish by the end of the year.  Here's how I'm doing so far:

1. Attend Art and Soul in Portland.  This one may be cheating because I have it set up already!  Done!

2. Learn to be a better photographer for my Etsy shop and my blog. This is ongoing but I think I'm making progress! I'm getting some good feedback and encouragement from those around me.

3. Continue to ride my bike even when the weather gets cold. I just re-discovered bike riding through a bike that was given to me. This is a way to stay healthy and to connect with my kids. I feel so free when I'm riding! It's amazing.  So far so good on this one! We'll see how it shapes up when the weather gets really cold around here. I even got a basket for it to make it more functional. Let's face it, it's cute, too!

4. Blog twice a week. I need to keep accountable with this! I know some weeks will be more and some less but if I can average out to twice a week, that would be great! Ummmm....well.....let's not talk about that one.  I am recommitting myself to this so hopefully I can pull it off going forward.

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