Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Adventures in Gardening

This year we have attempted many things in our garden. We have learned alot.
1. Don't try to grow other vegetables with kohlrabi.
2. You CAN grow tomatoes in Central Oregon when you do everything juuussssstttt riiiiigggghht. I think I might know the tricks. Maybe. We'll see next year.

3. Kohlrabi, although it is a root vegetable, actually grows it's edible part above ground. This answers our questions of "how do we know when it's ready to eat". You can actually SEE it which makes it alot easier to know these things
4. Even if the strawberry plant looks dead, it might not be! You may be surprised one day to see a blossom.
Since this picture was taken, we have several more blossoms and maybe, possibly, even a strawberry! Yeah for us!

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